Working Advantage Local 707 Discount Program

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Through National Production Workers Union, you will have free access to the Working Advantage members-only program!

Save on Broadway shows, movie tickets, theme park and ski tickets, hotels, retail and restaurant gift cards, and premium shopping websites. Exclusive discounts and nationwide offers are added daily!

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Benefit Types

By Being a member of National Production Workers Union, Local 707; depending on the contract certain things we offer are The Following:

  • Life & Dental Insurance
    NPWU offers Life and Dental Insurance for all of our Union Shops if the shop ops to use it.
  • Short Term Disability Insurance
    When a member is off on any type of leave, the Union Shop can opt to offer our Short Term Disability program to ensure members receive payments while they are on a leave.
  • Wage Increases
    We will negotiate to ensure each of our members are receiving FAIR wages in their industry.
  • Time Off
    All members are entitled to adequate vacation Days and time off, if it is not offered currently We will negotiate for it.
  • Severance Retirement Plan
    NPWU offers a Severance Retirement plan for our membership. The plan unlike a Pension is ALWAYS fully funded, and members can take out their contributions and interest Any time post 60 days of their work stoppage.
  • Discounts
    We offer through our affiliate discount program significant discounts to our membership that range on everything from vacations, to movie tickets.

latest news

  • Increased wages for 1000 workers.
    Increased wages for 1000 workers.

    National Production Workers Union, increased wages for 1000 workers.

  • We did it together

    NPWU is pleased to Welcome railroad-drivers from across the country to be part of our union.


  • Union Representatives
    Union Representatives

    Our Union has just completely revamped our Office administration to give our members the best service. 


    Our organizing efforts continue to surpass expectations due to our Strong MEMBER Support.