Benefits of joining NPWU


Higher Wages & Overtime Pay

Union wages are, on average, 28% higher than non-union wages according to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics. When you factor in the value of benefits, union members receive 36% more. Women earn an average of 34% higher with a union contract and African-American union members earn 29% more. Hispanic union members earn 59% more than non-union peers.


We Negotiate For Free Medical Benefits

We negotiate free medical and health benefits for members. Many non-union workers do not have health insurance, let alone high-quality and accessible health insurance.


Life, Vision, Dental, Short Term & Long Term Disability, Vision, Death & Burial Coverage

Our Insurance Fund includes medical benefits, life insurance, disability, dental, and vision.


Paid Leave, Holidays, Vacation, and Sick Days

Union members receive 28% more paid leave than non-union workers.


Job Security

We value job security, which is why one of our first initiatives will be to “lock in” your years working with your employer, protecting you from potential layoffs. This seniority may also qualify you towards more promotions, transfers, or preferred job roles or shifts. Your Union contract can protect you from subcontracting, unjust writeups and termination. If your employer tries to outsource or subcontract your work to somebody else, your Union contract may protect you. Your Union contract may also deter employers from using layoffs. Your Union contract may even offer tuition assistance, retraining vouchers, severance pay, extended health insurance and additional unemployment benefits in the case of a layoff. With your Union contract, management can no longer terminate you “at will.” Management will be required to provide “due process” with evidence to justify disciplinary actions or terminations. Your Union representative will work to provide support on your behalf.


Pension and Retirement Benefits, Severance, 401(k)

We understand that the value of our work doesn’t just benefit our members when they work, but when they retire as well. We have a retirement Fund / 401(k) plan that accepts employee and employer contributions.


Support To Organize

We offer support to help you organize at your place of business. Under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act, you are legally permitted to attend meetings to discuss joining a Union, read and distribute Union literature in non-work areas during non-work times, wear Union apparel on the job, sign petitions and file grievances related to wages, hours, or working conditions, and more.


Member Discounts

Union Members enjoy discounts at many businesses.